About Us

At Artie's, our passion for all things spicy drives us to curate the finest selection of hot sauces that deliver an explosive symphony of flavors. Our founder, Artie Pitt, is a 20 year plus entrepreneur who has built businesses from the ground up in both the music industry and cannabis trade. Artie has loved hot sauce and spicy food since the age of 9 when he tried Yum Nua, the spicy Thai beef salad, which had him hooked immediately. Artie went on to start cooking meals at the age of 14 and became known to his friends and community as the Spice King. That crown has been worn until this day. Our mission at Artie's, from the boldest chili peppers to the most delightful blends, is to ignite your taste buds and bring the thrill of heat to every meal. Welcome to Artie's fiery world, where spice meets passion!

Embark on a Sizzling Sensation!

Indulge in the thrilling world of heat and flavor with our artisanal hot sauces. Elevate your culinary experience with an array of fiery delights, carefully crafted to dazzle your taste buds. From smoky, tangy blends to lip-smacking sweet heat, our hot sauces promise a culinary adventure like no other. Discover the perfect balance of heat and flavor, handpicked for your enjoyment. Are you ready to turn up the spice and ignite your meals?

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